About Us

Back in 2003, we were a small team of devoted enthusiasts. We followed the latest trends in software development and media industries, aiming to create versatile programs available for everyone. After more than 20 years in software development, AMS Software has grown into a large company with offices in several countries. Now we have passed another milestone - we created PhotoDiva. It combines all the necessary features for fast and convenient portrait photo editing with simplicity of use.

Our Values

Just like you and our users, we love photography and all things about it. We know firsthand what it can take you to get a perfect shot. That's why we think that photo editing software should help you in making gorgeous images, upgrading your skills and leaving enough time for exploring the real world. At the same time, it should be pretty easy and pleasant to use for both newbies and pros in photography. We still consider though that automatic editing should not set any boundaries to your creativity. So, in PhotoDiva, the smart AI will be your helpful friend, and not an overprotecting nanny.

Why name our software PhotoDiva? We believe that photography helps you depict the beautiful world and the beautiful people surrounding us, bringing joy and cheerful vibes into our daily routine. That's why we try to implement this beauty into our programs by creating convenient and easy-to-use interfaces. We do our best to make you say wow when running our products for the first time. And we are always happy to receive some helpful ideas from you! Want to suggest an improvement or a new feature? Find our contact details on this page.