PhotoDiva Tutorial

PhotoDiva Tutorial - Video, Tips & How-Tos

Watch a short video featuring this powerful portrait retouching software:

How to Whiten Teeth in Photos

Got used to hide your smile on photos? It's time to break this habit with PhotoDiva! Whiten your teeth in mere seconds and amaze your friends with a perfect pearly smile!
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Teeth whitening tutorial
Red eye removal tutorial

How to Get Rid of Red Eye Effectr

Get rid of red eyes on your photos in a few steps! No awkward masks, no hard-to-adjust filters - just a click and your eyes are free of the nasty red glare. Let the eyes shine with their true color!
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How to Reshape Your Nose in Pictures

Need to tweak the nose on your photos? Make it smaller or shorter? Perform a nose job with PhotoDiva in a blink of the eye! Just drag a couple of sliders and the nose will look absolutely perfect.
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Nose editing tutorial
Makeup Photo Editor

How to Add Makeup to Photo

Want to look glamorous in your pictures? Then put on some digital makeup! Use PhotoDiva to apply lipstick, eyeshadows, blusher, etc. No manual selection - just AI magic!
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