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Free Portrait Editor with AI Effects

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Get beautiful portraits in seconds:

  • Smooth problem skin and wrinkles
  • Sculpt facial features & reshape body
  • Add glamour with virtual makeup
  • Try out a new hair or eye color
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Upgrade Your Snapshots into Beauty Shots

Are your photos missing the mark? Dull colors, lackluster lighting, and blotchy skin don't have to stay that way. You can fix it all for free in the PhotoDiva portrait photo editor!

Get beautiful-looking portraits quickly by using one-click effects to make dramatic changes. Whether you need a boost of color or a full face of makeup, this portrait software delivers amazing results automatically.

  • Apply Auto Retouch
  • Apply Face Sculpt
  • Add digital makeup
  • Experiment with effects
  • Replace background

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Make Average Portraits Amazing with PhotoDiva

Change colors, enhance facial and body features, remove unwanted people or objects easily with a few quick adjustments in the portrait editing software.

  • Remove blemishes automatically
  • Apply natural-looking beauty makeup
  • Swap backgrounds without editing for hours

Discover PhotoDiva today!

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For Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, iOS

Achieve Flawless Edits with Ease

PhotoDiva is a breeze to master, even with no portrait photo editor experience. Transform your photography with intuitive sliders and free one-click effects.

The face editing software detects facial features like lips, eyes, and cheeks. Now you can sculpt, beautify, and add color without making tedious selections in Photoshop.

Too many distractions behind your model? Place her on a new background in just a few steps. Loosely select around her outline and then within it, and let PhotoDiva do the rest.

Glowing Skin
Dramatic Eyes
Rosy Cheeks
Whiter Teeth
Full Lips

Start Editing with PhotoDiva in Three Quick Steps:

PhotoDiva will magically transform your photo

  • Open the photo you want to beautify
  • Fix imperfections and add some glam with one-click retouching tools
  • Export your shiny portrait to share on Facebook or Instagram!
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WindowsFor Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, iOS

PhotoDiva will magically transform your photo

A Portrait Enhancer for All Occasions

PhotoDiva delivers professional results for editing faces, from family memories to paid photo shoots. No matter what style you are going for, your edits are sure to impress.

Subjects of any age, gender, shape, or size look their very best with PhotoDiva's AI portrait photo editing.

Female portrait example
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Women Add a pretty glow and digital makeup

Male portrait example
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Men Sculpt a firm, masculine jawline

Kid portrait example
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Children Brighten eyes, cheeks, and lips

Elderly portrait example
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Seniors Reduce wrinkles and age spots

Discover PhotoDiva Today!

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Get started in mere seconds

A Free Portrait Editing Software Packed with Features

PhotoDiva has the perfect features for any type of edit.

Realistic Virtual Makeup

Automatic Retouching

Digital Plastic Surgery

Blemish Removal Tools

100+ Effects and Filters

Background Blurring

Which Version of PhotoDiva is Right for You?

Get an Instagram-worthy pic in just minutes with the classic picture editor or download the PhotoDiva Pro program to perform advanced editing automatically! Here's how our features stack up:

PhotoDiva PRO
Retouch portrait photos automatically
PhotoDiva Yes
PhotoDiva PRO Yes
Reshape face and sculpt facial features
PhotoDiva Yes
PhotoDiva PRO Yes
Add virtual makeup, change eye color
PhotoDiva Yes
PhotoDiva PRO Yes
Add dimension for a glamorous look
PhotoDiva Yes
PhotoDiva PRO Yes
Blur image background to highlight face
PhotoDiva Yes
PhotoDiva PRO Yes
Change or remove distracting background
PhotoDiva Yes
PhotoDiva PRO Yes
Play with 100+ one-click photo filters
PhotoDiva Yes
PhotoDiva PRO Yes

Get PhotoDiva PRO at a Discount for a Limited Time Only

  • Professional light and color balancing
  • AI-powered retouching process
  • Digital makeup and face sculpting tools
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