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PhotoDiva has everything you need to turn your usual pic into a glam portrait.
It only takes a few clicks to look awesome in your shot.

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Forget About Ruined Shots with This Glamour Photo Editor

Have pale skin in your photo? Oily face shine spoils your portrait? Leave all those issues in the past with our glamour photo effects. You don't need to spend hours improving your face tone or removing blemishes. PhotoDiva can turn any flawed photo into a glamorous portrait in a single click with the option to further improve it in just one brush stroke.

Lackluster portrait

Create your perfect glam portrait with PhotoDiva

Glamourized portrait

How to Turn Your Photo Into a Glamour Shot in a Click

Do you think all these glamorous photo effects are expensive? Not at all. PhotoDiva is free! And refreshingly simple! Let’s have a look at how you can easily enhance your shot with this AI-powered portrait editor. Follow these simple steps:

  • Download, install and open PhotoDiva. Upload your pic or just drag it to the photo editor.
  • Find the Auto Retouch feature under the Retouch tab. Select the Glamorous portrait preset. This feature will immediately remove most of the imperfections.
  • Your portrait still needs some fine-tuning? Then switch to the Custom settings tab. Make your skin smoother, add a little tan, or whiten your teeth by one more tone by dragging the corresponding sliders.
  • Choose the Healing Brush tool to erase the remaining blemishes. Adjust the brush size for a more precise application and paint over the problem area.
  • Complete your glam look with the Face Sculpt tool. Under the Sculpt tab, you will find the list of facial features you can modify - lips, eyes, nose, etc. Choose the ones you want to reshape and pull the sliders to adjust the size, width or height. Then apply the changes.
PhotoDiva: Glamour photo effects

Enhance your natural beauty

So, that wasn't so hard, was it? Now you have turned yourself into an Insta model. Forget about bad photos on your social media pages and get hundreds of likes on your photos.

Explore All the Features of PhotoDiva

With the help of PhotoDiva, you can go beyond mere glamour photo editing. Our free smart software offers multiple tools to retouch and beautify your shots. Had no time to do makeup? Try our virtual makeup feature with a wide variety of colors and shapes. Spoiled the photo with a bright flash? Use the red-eye filter to restore your natural eye color. Change the background to remove unwanted people, or add stylish filters to make your portrait stand out from the crowd.


Say goodbye to ruined shots! All you need is our free portrait editor. PhotoDiva will save your pics and fix all the flaws easily.

All-in-One Portrait Editing Solution

PhotoDiva offers everything you need to make your shot perfect. There are easy-to-use tools to sculpt face features, remove wrinkles, and blur the background - just to name a few. All you have to do is to pick the instrument, pull the slider and our photo editing software will do everything for you. Can't wait to learn more? Watch this guide video to find out about all the features.

Add glamour photo effects to your shots for free!

Smooth your skin, whiten teeth and make your lips bigger in the easiest way. Try PhotoDiva now!

WindowsFor Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7, Vista, XP